custom dyno tuning

ECU Tuning is a process of making changes to the vehicles engine control unit to increase the power output. This is the most effective way to make your vehicle faster and when combined with additional hardware such as exhausts, the increases can be huge.

All our ECU tuning takes places in our state of the art dyno cell on our MAHA MSR500 AWD dyno, which is a tool for accurately and safely measuring a cars performance. When looking to tune your vehicle, it's essential that this is carried out on a dyno and is fully custom to your vehicle 

Firstly your vehicle is loaded onto the dyno and an initial power run complete, this is to check the baseline running of the vehicle and identify any issues before the calibration takes place.

Once we are happy the vehicle is running as it should we can then look to make incremental changes along with in depth data logging during dyno time to allow us to safely and accurately improve both torque and power outputs on the vehicle.

We alter many parameters within the vehicles engine control unit (ECU) including fuel, ignition timing, boost pressure & many more parameters that allow us to also
incorporate hardware changes such as downpipes/decats.



Not all dynos are created equal. Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and lesser dynos will not be able to safely or accurately test advanced AWD systems such as X-Drive or Quattro without disconnecting drivetrain components or electrical connectors. The MAHA MSR500 is capable of safely running all modern AWD systems from all manufactures including BMW, Audi, Porsche & more.

Our test cell has been designed specifically around high performance and supercars with maximum airflow to keep vehicles cool during tuning. With a single roller design, the MAHA MSR500 is designed for maximum grip and can easily run the lowest of supercars thanks to it's design.

The rolling behaviour of the tyre is the same as on the road which is what sets this dyno apart from other more cost effective dynos. The Maha MSR500 dyno is the same as that installed at Porsche, VAG group, Toyota Motorsport and BMW M Power, amongst other key players in the manufacturing sector.




Pin Point Accuracy

MAHA DYNO can measure power and torque to the greatest of accuracy.

line-graph copy.png

1300bhp Capable

MSR High Performance dyno can power test over 1300bhp including highly technical AWD vehicles

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Ultimate Traction

Single roller dyno provides higher traction and no tire crush for long sessions of safe high speed testing