Our MAHA MSR500 Dyno


Our state of the art tuning centre is home to what we consider, the best dyno in the world. The Maha MSR500 AWD chassis dyno. Our dyno is a single roller dyno which simulates road going conditions and the powerful electric motors offer synchronisation between the front and rear rollers allowing us to work on the most complex AWD systems. The Maha MSR is used by manufactures such as Porsche.

Housed in a bespoke dyno test cell with 30KW of cooling, our dyno is a fantastic tool for tuning, diagnostics and the measurement of power outputs on all kinds of vehicles.

Not all dynos are created equal. Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and lesser dynos will not be able to safely or accurately test advanced AWD systems such as X-Drive or Quattro without disconnecting drivetrain components or electrical connectors. The MAHA MSR500 is capable of safely running all modern AWD systems from all manufactures including BMW, Audi, Porsche & more.

Our test cell has been designed specifically around high performance and supercars with maximum airflow to keep vehicles cool during tuning. With a single roller design, the MAHA MSR500 is designed for maximum grip and can easily run the lowest of supercars thanks to it's design.


Dyno Power Runs

We are able to accommodate almost any vehicle for a full throttle power run to determine peak power and torque as well as overall running condition of the vehicle. This is a great way to get a baseline of a car before modifications or to test out the performance of new parts. All vehicles receive a comprehensive pre-power run health check before the completion of 3 power runs on the dyno with print outs.

Dyno Hire

We understand that sometimes you need a little more time on a dyno than power runs allow. We accommodate half or full days dyno hire to race teams, manufacturers and brands to be able to test, develop & tune vehicles and products. This allows you to have full control over your vehicle when setting up engines, testing and diagnosing before race days. It's also a great way to test and develop parts. Please enquire with us for more information about dyno hire.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a dyno for tuning?

A dyno is an accurate and safe way to measure the power output and performance of a car in a controlled, repeatable manor. Power is measured at the wheels and then calculated back to the flywheel using complex maths and the vehicles coastdown (P-Loss). The MAHA MSR is very accurate and this calculation is handled by the dyno software, it is not a percentage guess like some other dynos. Tuning on a dyno allows you to tune for every scenario and ensure a vehicle is optimised for performance and longevity. It also lets you know exactly what you get for your money as you can see a before power result, tune your vehicle and see the improvements on the graph.

What is a power run?

A power run is a test of maximum peak output of both power and torque on a vehicle. This is how manufacturers test their vehicles and release the production figures. Brands such as Porsche do this testing on the same MAHA MSR dyno that we have. As owners tune and introduce aftermarket parts to their vehicles, the power figures usually increase. Equally when a vehicle isn't performing right peak output decreases. A power run can determine if your vehicle is running as it should be. A power run is a wide open throttle load test in a specific gear from low revs through to the rev limiter. The dyno then measures the forces and shows on a graph the power of the vehicle. 

How can I book?

You can enquire about booking your vehicle on our dyno for tuning or power runs by telephone, email or using the button below.