Assetti MAHA Dyno

Updated: Jun 9

When Assetti started looking for a dyno, we quickly realised that not all dynos are created equal. There's multiple styles, brands and types of dynos. Chassis dynos, engine dynos, hub dynos it really is a minefield.

After many months of research, the name that kept coming up time and time again was MAHA. A German brand of workshop equipment who are well established in the dyno world also. We quickly decided that the MAHA was perfect for our needs and opted for their MSR500 which is the newest dyno they have.

We opted for the AWD MSR500 with 3 retarders and grip coated rollers for to cater for pretty much anything we could throw at it. The benefits of a MAHA MSR500 over other dynos are simple:

  • Electronically linked front and rear roller set which can split power between the front or back of a vehicle which is a must for complicated modern AWD systems. Other linked dynos can only split the power 50:50.

  • Single roller design with grip coating which allows the tyre to sit on the dyno the same way it would on the road. This means the contact patch is the same as on the road which helps with grip and tyre heat when compared to twin roller dyno setups where the tyre sits down in between 2 smaller rollers.

  • Used by manufacturers such as Porsche and McLaren because of the accurate, repeatable results.

Our purpose built dyno cell has been carefully designed to optimise cooling and airflow around even the most powerful of vehicles. With over 30KW of fan cooling we can run cars within safe parameters even when subjected to repeat runs. For all your custom tuning needs contact Assetti

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