The Cannon Run Summer Social “Goes Off” at Assetti!!!

It’s Thursday the 8th of July, just a normal busy day of work at Assetti! All of a sudden a whatsapp message comes in… it’s the Cannon run team and all it says is “Saturday the 24th July”….. Now if you don’t know who The Cannon Run are, they are a team of passionate motoring individuals, providers of Europe’s leading driving holiday experience. Their annual Road Trips combine the love of motoring with luxurious adventure, bringing the most amazing like-minded people together with the wildest mixture of vehicles you will ever see on the road.

The thing with driving holidays, is we can all jump online onto google maps and plan out a route of some great roads, great locations, and great hotels. But for the cannon run team, that just doesn’t cut it

Founder Jay Cannon has surrounded himself with a team that “Makes things happen” his team pre-drive multiple routes to pick out the very best driving roads that Europe has to offer with everything from the lowest Ferrari to the highest off roader considered. They ensure that the finest driving routes are chosen, not just boring average motorways between checkpoints. Planned routes keep the driving duration times to an enjoyable amount between checkpoints and locations means there’s plenty of time to enjoy all of the benefits of the 5 star accommodation and entertainment planned along the way.

So lets go back to that WhatsApp message…..it was short, but read “Saturday the 24th July, we are going to arrange a free drive out for our clients and was thinking we could start from you guys?” “Yeah sure thing! we said, let us know the plans?” a few more messages go back and forth and a plan forms. A few weeks pass and it’s the day before the event, we dig out our Shaneanigans bar, stock the Monster Energy Drinks and get ourselves ready for the morning to come…

A variety of Hypercars some of which individually worth more than a million pounds each sat in the impressive workshop designed by Shane himself.

It’s Saturday the 24th of July, its 9:30am and like a whirlwind, with military precision! The Cannon Run – Assetti invasion begins! Within 12 minutes & 37 seconds (ok that’s a slight bit precise… but you get the idea.) 100 cars arrive, park in an orderly fashion, and attack the butty van.

I look around and our workshop is full of Cannon Run client’s cars on display! The whole site is filled with smiling faces, laughter & noise from The Cannon Run Hummer!

Next minute I catch out of the corner of my eye the stig, or should I say his dancing brother leaping over the bonnet of a few hundred thousand pounds worth of supercar!!

Hang on, its clicked! It’s not the stig.. it’s Boogie Storm, Britain’s got talent golden buzzer act showing those lucky enough to have copped a place on the Cannon runs summer social some trick dance moves!

I walk to the shutter door to our workshop and its full of supercars, bright ones! The car park outside looks like a sweet shop, multiple colours of performance sports cars and supercars from left to right, many of whom are covered in cannon Run stickers and logos, there’s even now a huge inflatable archway that marks the start point!

I get in the mix and for the next hour and a half get stuck in, laughing and talking common interests. Afterall we are all car mad, there’s a wide variety of cars, many of which are modified & customised to suit their owners’ personalities. We have all been locked away for so long due to covid 19 that everyone can’t wait to socialise and interact with one another.

But most of all everyone cannot wait to get started! Remember this is the start point, the pre- planned drive hasn’t been announced yet, nobody other than the Cannon Run team know the route.

A whistle, a call to attention from Jay and like a school assembly everyone’s inside the building, there’s silence, respect as everyone waits to hear the planned route.

It’s out! The route is to lead us around the peak district, through parts of Yorkshire to our end location Elvington Airfield where a drive-in cinema awaits us along with a BBQ for everyone, best of all the film to be shown is Fast & Furious!!!

Within minutes the sound of engines are roaring, huge smiles hang out of driver’s windows and two lines of one way traffic fill the road underneath the startline! Coloured Smoke fills the air and cars start to roll out and into the distance…..

The car park is empty… all cars are gone, apart from one! Yup! That’s us…. We best get locked up and catch them up!

Want to know what its like to be on a cannon run adventure??? Then head to www.thecannonrun.co.uk to learn more!

We had a fantastic day, and thoroughly enjoyed the taste into the world of The Cannon run family! Take our word for it you don’t want to miss what they have in store in 2022, in the words of Jay “It’s going off!!!”